Word Knowledge Lesson 1 – How to Identify the Meanings of Words



The Word Knowledge section of the PiCAT/ASVAB evaluates your ability to identify the meanings of words. The natural way to expand your vocabulary is to read everything around you. Whether you are standing in line at the store or sitting at home on your couch, read through news articles, social media, blogs, or even food recipes. Open an entertaining book and enjoy it. Of course, you may not have much time to improve your vocabulary using this traditional method. You might be rushed to take the PiCAT/ASVAB sooner than later. Therefore, this course will teach you a more strategic approach, called decoding, to help you determine the meaning of a word. First, here is an overview of what you can expect to see on the Word Knowledge (WK) section.

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Quiz: Prefixes

Now it’s time to try your hand at answering some straight synonym and antonym questions using prefixes to decipher meanings. Read each question carefully. Choose the best answer based on the question. Then click the submit button below each question to check your answer.

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